MoSi: New project has been granted

The project proposal "IDEA-PRIO-U - Explainability, Modelling, and Analysis of Methods for Prioritizing Genetic Variants Based on Heterogeneous Data" has been granted by the state of Mecklenburg Vorpommern via the European Regional Development Fund  for the period 08/2020 - 12/2022.

The goal of the project is to develop a self-adaptive system that uses medical and clinical data from various sources to incrementally improve the assessment of
genetic variants. The research topics include the explainability of machine learning methods, the exploitation of provenance data in data-intensive processes, and the application of modeling and simulation to design and analyze self-adapting software systems.

The project will be conducted in close cooperation with the company "Limbus Medical Technology" .

We are looking forward to the scientific research and its exploitation to improve prioritizing variants in practice.

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