Study & Teaching


The Institute of Computer Science offers a practice-oriented and research-oriented study program. The study offers include the subjects computer science, business informatics and information technology/computer engineering, bachelor and master level each. Computer Science for teacher-training and the master Visual Computing complement the program.

Bachelor and Master study course

  • A bachelor study course (BSc.) teaches the technical and methodological basics of a field of study and is the first job-qualifying degree in the relevant field. A university bachelor education enables to uptake complex problems and to solve them by using scientific methods.
  • A master study course (MSc.) is based on the bachelor degree. A university master enables to solve problems that exceed the current limits of knowledge by using scientific methods. With a master study course, you get qualified for managing engineering science works in all fields of economy and society and for starting doctoral studies at a national or international university.

Overview on the study courses

  • Computer Science (BSc. / MSc.) Computer Science is the science of machine, algorithm processing of information. During the studies, you obtain knowledge and abilities to understand, develop and analyze such algorithmic, information processing systems. The studies comprise of all relevant parts of computer science, ranging from modern programming languages, data base methods, networking and computer graphics to artificial intelligence, logic and predictability as well as mathematical basics.
  • Business Informatics (BSc. / MSc.) Industrial company, service provider or public sector – there is hardly any organization that gets along without information systems these days. The studies deal with the basic principles, methods, models and tools for developing, applying and using information and communication systems in business and administration.
  • Information Technology/Computer Engineering (BSc. / MSc.) Intelligent and embedded digital systems require the interaction of hardware and software. The study course information technology/computer engineering provides the knowledge and methods needed for this, at the interface between electrical engineering and Computer Science. This study course is an offer provided by computer science and electrical engineering in cooperation.
  • Visual Computing (MSc.) Visual Computing includes the information technology subfields image acquisition, image analysis and image synthesis. Knowledge and methods of graphic data processing and related basics from the field of computer science are taught here.
  • Teaching profession (first state examination) The professional studies computer science as part of teaching study courses for gymnasium and regional school aim to a balanced provision of professional competences in the fields practical, technical and theoretical computer science as well as didactics of computing lessons. The competences qualify you either to meet the current technical and didactic requirements of teaching profession and to follow and evaluate future developments in computer science and process them for targeted teaching in computing lessons, if applicable.