New book with chapters by coauthors from the Visual Analytics group

A new book on Mobile Data Visualization will be released by the end of the year. Three chapters of this new book were coauthored by members of the Visual Analytics group.

The nine-chapter book deals with various aspects of visualizing data on mobile devices such as smartphones and smartwatches. Three chapters contain contributions from Rostock. In Chapter 1, the historical background of the topic is highlighted in addition to fundamental questions. Here, references are made to early works carried out in Rostock in the 1990s and 2000s. Results of current research cooperations with the TU Dresden in the context of responsive visualization are presented in the second chapter. In the third chapter with participation of Rostock co-authors, the topic of interaction with visual representation on mobile devices is discussed in detail. The other six chapters of the book, written by internationally renowned experts, cover aspects including 3D visualization, glanceable visualizations, and ubiquitous visualization also promise exciting reading.