Dissertation Defense Steve Dübel

On November 12, 2019, Dipl.-Inf. Steve Dübel defended his dissertation on "Scalable Visualization of Spatial Data in 3D Terrain" at the Institute Visual & Analytic Computing. At its meeting in December, the Faculty Council decided to award the doctorate.

Steve Dübel's dissertation deals with the visualization of spatial data in high-resolution terrain models:
"Spatial data play an important role in today's world. Knowledge about the environment, the terrain, the infrastructure, or about weather and climate is needed in all areas of industry and science. Huge amounts of data are collected for this purpose. However, their evaluation is very time-consuming. The visual analysis of spatial data in their natural reference space, the terrain, has proven to be very effective, making visualization a key technology for supporting experts in knowledge transfer and decision-making," explains Steve Dübel. In his research work, he concentrates particularly on the situation-dependent representation of information in the field of air traffic. Error-free communication of the data relevant to the current flight situation is an important safety aspect and particularly critical. The concepts and solutions developed during the PhD could be integrated and tested in real existing avionics technology.