Research / Projects

Duration Sponscor Topic
2013-2022 DFG ESCeMMO - Efficient Simulation of Cell-Biological Multi-Level Models
2014-2022 DFG MoSiLLDe - Modeling and Simulation of Linked Lives in Demography
2017-2022 EU ERC Bayesian Agent-Based Population Studies: Transforming Simulation Models of Human Migration
2017-2023 DFG GrEASE - Towards Generating and Executing Automatically Simulations Experiments
2018-2023 EU EVOCATION - Advanced Visual and Geometric Computing for 3D Capture, Display, and Fabrication
2019-2022 EU DigiCare - Digital Training of Nursing and Health Management
2019-2022 EU E-BRAiN - Evidenz-basierte Robot-Assistenz in der Neurorehabilitation
2019-2022 EU NEISS - Neuronale Extraktion von Informationen, Strukturen und Symmetrien aus Bildern
2020-2022 DFG BehavE - Behaviour Understanding through Situation Models for Situation-aware AssistancE
2020-2022 BMBF EIDEC - Ethische und soziale Aspekte co-intelligenter sensorgestützter Assistenzsysteme in der Demenzpflege
2020-2022 EU IDEA-PRIO-UR - Improving diagnostics for rare genetic diseases via adaptive variant Prioritization on heterogeneous clinical data
2020-2023 BMBF eDEM-Connect - Development of a Communication and Services Platform for the Caregivers of People with Dementia
2021-2024 BMBF OTC - Digital Mission
2021-2024 BMBF OTC-DaTa - OTC-Digital Twin & Analytics
2021-2025 DFG MaCE - Models for Cell Biological Systems in ELAINE , as part of the collaborative research center ELAINE
2022-2024 BMBF OTC-Tracker - Remote Mission Tracking and Reporting
2022-2025 DFG SODA - Simulation-based Optimization using Differentiable Agents